Floor tiles at three of our centres are cracked and broken - putting children at risk

Flooring at our Meadowlands, Jabavu and Emndeni Centres is in a very bad state of repair – and we're really hoping our Champs for Children will step forward to help repair the damage.

Because more and more tiles are lifting and cracking every day. And – as you can imagine – they pose a tripping and safety hazard for the children ... especially when they sit on the floor.

The little ones who come to our centres come from some of the poorest families in Gauteng. They're used to run-down environments. But ACFS facilities shouldn't be counted among them!

Thankfully, no harm has come to the children yet. But it's our responsibility to ensure they're safe while they're in our care.

Our centres at Meadowlands and Jabavu were last renovated 20 years ago and they've seen a lot of hard wear over the years. But there’s simply no way we can afford in the region of R100 000 to replace the floors without your help.

DonateYour support as a member of Champs for Children will allow us to give these children a safe and comfortable place to play and learn.

So please will you join Champs for Children now with a gift of R300 or more? In return you'll receive a membership certificate and small gift to thank you for caring about children who often have to 'make do' with very little.

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