Will you be a Champ for Children – and help save these tots from the deadly ravages of malnutrition?

At our Zola Malnutrition Rehabilitation Centre, Pulane Makatise (right) lovingly prepares two meals and two snacks every day for 36 vulnerable pre-schoolers from the poorest of poor families in Johannesburg.

But it's a huge challenge in a kitchen that's in dire need of some TLC itself! Especially when it rains, and and water pours in through the leaky roof!

Our kitchen cupboards are falling apart and the light is broken. But even worse – the stove is way too small for the huge pots of porridge and stew that Pulane needs to make. And we don't have enough spoons and bowls to go round.

What we need are some 'Champs for Children' ... caring people who are willing to help fix the kitchen to make sure these vulnerable children continue to receive the nutritious meals they so desperately need.

Dumisani Mbatha* (pictured alongside with ACFS Director, Phindile Hlalele) is one of them.

When he started here in January, Dumi was too weak to even cry about his hunger pangs. He was also suffering from diarrhoea and an itchy rash.

But thanks to nutritious porridge for breakfast, a mid-morning snack of our famous ACFS peanut butter sandwich and milk, chicken stew for lunch and a fruit snack in the afternoon, Dumi's already put on 2kg – and his skin and stomach ailments have cleared up.

It won't be long before he makes a total transformation – from a lethargic, unhappy little boy to an energetic speedster racing around the playground.

DonateAs a member of Champs for Children, your support will will play a big part in helping Dumi and others like him grow up strong and healthy.

So please will you join Champs for Children now with a gift of R300 or more towards vital kitchen repairs? In return you'll receive a membership certificate and small gift to thank you for caring about children who often have to 'make do' with very little.

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