Feeding from the van
feeding centre

10 000 children from poverty-stricken homes are fed daily by ACFS. Many are orphans affected or infected with HIV/Aids – and this could well be their only meal of the day.

Food is prepared at each of our 13 community centres. Children who go to school within walking distance of one of the centres come at break time or after school for their daily meal.

Records are kept for each child – and failure to collect their meal acts as a warning that something may be amiss at home; one of our sisters will then call to check on the family at home.


Six vans and five tri-cars also deliver meals prepared at the feeding centres to needy children throughout the townships.

Since it is difficult to transport fresh milk in the tri-cars, children who receive meals through this system are given a pre-packed processed cheese portion, which contains the equivalent calcium and minerals, instead of the milk.

A further 300 High School children are served hot meals prepared at the schools, using ingredients donated by our caring partners: Malibo Foods, Makro, Game and Nashua.

Apart from improving their nutritional and health status, the children are performing better at school and absenteeism is down – as they know they will get a meal at school.



At one of the centres, a long queue forms at the serving hatch, while children who have been served sit on the grass to enjoy their meal, or play games



The children are regularly weighed and arm measurements taken to track their progress


mobile feeding

Serving milk and sandwiches from the back of the van

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