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Health education forms an integral part of our activities; we teach communities to take charge of their own health.

Although the ACFS was formed in response to the problem of malnutrition, we quickly realised that lack of education was a contributing factor. Many township mothers knew little about nutrition. By teaching them the importance of adding fresh green vegetables to their children's diet, for example, we were able to immediately improve family health.

Nutritional education remains a key focus – and our nurses visit schools in the area to make sure children understand healthy food choices.

At our centres, mothers also learn about other health issues such as immunization, childhood illnesses, HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases, exercise and more.

school children

ACFS also runs a first aid course for unemployed youth, culminating in a written exam and certificate for those who pass.

In the past, students who earned their first aid certificate with us have gone on to find work.

We also offer a course in Home-based Care which enables community members to gain the skills they need to look after ailing relatives or to find jobs in the Carer sector.

weighThe ACFS is the only organisation that does school nursing.

Here, a child suspected to be suffering from malnutrition is weighed by the ACFS nursing sister.


First Aid Students

Last year's successful First Aid students with their certificates.



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