A little bit of kindness goes a long way

Some people like their peanut butter spread thinly on toast, others like it spread nice and thick. Whatever your preference, that teaspoon or two of gooey goodness goes a long way! In fact, the daily peanut butter sandwich and cup of milk that your food sponsorship provides can save the life of a malnourished child. It is a nutritious, life-sustaining meal capable of building body and mind.

Milk provides calcium to build strong bones and teeth, as well as protein and Vitamins A and D. In addition to being filling, brown bread is an important source of B vitamins, iron, fibre, and carbohydrates.

Peanut butter is the star of the show, containing more protein than any other nut. Two tablespoons of smooth peanut butter contains 8g protein, 188 calories and 14g fat. It delivers a protein punch that benefits a child’s body in numerous ways; strengthening hair, skin and nails as well as internal muscles and tissues.

It’s also a great source of over 30 body-building vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamin E and B6, iron, magnesium, potassium and folate. Children need these vitamins and minerals for optimal growth and development. Peanut butter is a food of choice for many food aid agencies because it’s a great way to get multiple nutrients in a small portion from a single food source compared to a food supplement. It doesn’t take much peanut butter to naturally bump up the levels of nutrients that we need each day.

The healthy mix of fats, fibre, vitamins and nutrients found in peanuts gives it a Superfood status. What’s more, it offers the eater the ‘satisfaction factor’, because it’s creamy goodness makes you feel full.

Peanut butter also has a long shelf life, making it an ideal food for poor communities without storage or refrigeration facilities. Let’s not forget that one small jar of peanut butter can make about 15 peanut butter sandwiches. Without it, many children in need would starve.

Your kindness – and peanut butter – goes a long way.

Thank you!

SOURCE: The Peanut Institute



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