Message from our Chairman, Lwazi Bam

Living through a severe drought is an experience that’s not easily forgotten. Households learn to make every drop count, adopting water-saving tactics like washing in buckets and using grey water to flush toilets.

These are life lessons that linger long after the drought has broken.

For most ACFS families, such frugal measures are part of everyday life, regardless of drought. This way of life extends to food too, with households making sure that no crumb goes to waste.

That’s why we are so thankful that our household vegetable gardens are continuing to produce food during the drought. This is thanks in part to the sustainable gardening methods that beneficiaries learn at our workshops, which help participants save money and put food on their tables.

Thank you for your role in keeping food production alive. In such difficult economic and environmental times, we need your support more than ever.



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