AIDS orphans

There are over a thousand orphaned children in our area – left without care or protection or food.

Our Care for the Children programme looks at the needs of these children holistically: socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

Children are enrolled in our feeding scheme and given monthly food parcels. We also assist the children to apply for the waiving of school fees and to access documents such as birth certificates and identity books in order to apply for government grants.

In 2008, 307 grants were processed by the ACFS on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children.

vulnerable children

We have been successful in finding sponsors to 'adopt' some child headed families – but additional generous supporters are needed. If you would like to help a family like this, please contact Phindile Hlalele on +27 11 839 2630.

You can also help these children by making a donation online right now towards daily meals or food parcels.

Khayamnandi in Stellenbosch is an informal settlement with very limited resources. Children live in very poor conditions and suffer from malnutrition, HIV and AIDS.

A group of concerned individuals conducting research on malnutrition, in association with the University of the Western Cape, identified the need for interventions such as those provided by the ACFS.

Our Executive Director was invited to assess the situation and her findings concurred with those of the University.

A feeding scheme has now been set up based on the ACFS model. Two nurses were trained by ACFS to run the Stellenbosch operation and our Director visits every six months to monitor progress.

Other organisations wishing to establish feeding schemes based on the ACFS model should contact Sister Rejoice Nkutha on tel. 011 839 2630.


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