How do children survive in an unkind world without parents?

When their single mother passed away from AIDS-related illness, the Hlabiwa children had no one else to take care of them.

Their grandfather Joel simply can't afford to assist on his small pension, and their aunt Gloria is also stuggling financially and just pops in now and again to check on them.

Because when children lose their parents, they lose their first line of protection in an unkind world; and become vulnerable to starvation and sickness, and people with ill intentions.

Your donation made online now, will help to fill the void in the lives of orphans like these.

donateWith support from caring people like you, the younger children were enrolled in our feeding scheme.

Instead of facing hunger every day, they now receive a nutritious peanut butter sandwhich and glass of milk from our feeding centre.

By joining our circle of supporters now, you'll ensure they can continue to count on this daily blessing for as long as they need it.

Thankfully, four of the children receive a governement grant and ACFS organises a monthly food parcel and clothing for the family.

It's not a lot, but it's a lot more than they had - and together it's just enough to scrape by.

Unfortunately, the two oldest children dropped out of school. But the others - including 7 year old Lehlogonolo - are still going to school. And we're doing everything we can to keep them there.

We've been assisting them with intensive support and guidance, and we're taking steps to improve their home environment to make it more conducive to learning.

We know this isn't an ideal situation - but by staying together, the children at least have each other.

And hopefully, they can count on you too ... to help provide essential food and hope for the future.

Thank you for caring about children who would otherwise go to bed hungry tonight.

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