Home alone. That's the reality that three young orphans from Kliptown face every day.

Their parents passed away in 2015 and relatives couldn't take them in. So these children come home from school to an empty shack every day.

But there is hope and happiness in the lives of eleven-year-old Ratu, her eight-year-old sister Ntsebo and their seven-year-old brother Teboho*

Thankfully, the Kliptown community let us know that the children were in desperate need of a safety net. And that's when support from caring people like you made it possible for us to enrol them in our feeding scheme.

Now, these little ones have a home away from home: the ACFS feeding centre in Kliptown.

Every day after school they come here to receive all the comforts one would expect to find waiting at home: a healthy meal, a quiet place to do homework, and a caring adult to talk to.

That's why we're hoping you'll send a life-saving donation today – to help child-headed families like this.

We also turned to the children's neighbour for help. She cooks for the children and lets us know when they need things like clothing and school books.

It's not an ideal situation and their life is still terribly hard. They have no electricity in their shack and share portable toilets with the community.

But at least they don't have to worry about what they'll eat for lunch. They know that every day they'll get a nutricious peanut butter sandwhich and milk at our feeding centre.

And their favourite day of the month is the day their 'Gogo' brings home their grocery hamper, courtesy of ACFS supporters like you.

Please send your donation today to ensure they can continue to count on these blessings for as long as they need them.


We're currently helping 10 child-headed families – that's 31 children in total. But this is just the tip of the iceberg – we'd be able to do so much more with your support.

Please send your gift today, and let our child-headed households know that they're home, but not alone.

* Name changed to protect identity.

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