A desperate plea for help

Right now the ACFS is facing a funding crisis. As a result of the current economic climate, many corporate donors are having to cut back on sponsorships, while others are reassessing and reallocating their CSI budgets.

And it's affecting our ability to reach vulnerable children in need.

Up until now we've been feeding 31 000 hungry children every school day. But with less money coming in now we're going to have to cut that number by more than half.

Already, we've made arrangements to temporarily close four of our feeding centres. The remaining seven, and two mobile vans, will do their best to take up the slack.

But it still means more than 16 000 children are going without their daily peanut butter sandwich and cup of milk right now.

We can't bear to think of one of them going hungry ... let alone 16 000! That's why we're turning to you for help.

If you can feed just one extra child for the next three months – by donating R185 now ... and we can find another caring person to feed one extra child ... and so on and on – this crisis might yet be averted.


Given the seriousness of the situation, we're hoping you’ll consider sponsoring more than one extra child right now – with a donation of R370 to feed two children or R555 to feed three children.

But whatever you do, please don't turn your back on a child who's literally starving for want of a piece of bread, because "It’s not my problem."

The fact is that it is every compassionate and caring person's problem when children in a country rich with promise face starvation.

Some of those on our programme have parents who once had jobs and a future. But businesses are closing down and jobs are being lost almost on a daily basis. Other children have been left to fend for themselves after losing their parents to violent crime, vehicle accidents or terminal illness. Being able to come to the ACFS Centre for a small daily meal is all that keeps them going.

Please don’t take this away from them! Help us keep our feeding scheme going for as many children as possible, by making your donation online now.


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