An end to boring lunchboxes!

Ok, so sandwiches are pretty much a given. But that doesn't mean they have to have the same old fillings day after day! Surprise your child with these tasty and unusual variations:


lunchbox treats

Instead of margarine, try spreading bread with mayonnaise, tomato sauce, hummus, mashed avocado, pesto or mashed potato – then add ham, flaked tuna, hard boiled egg or cheese ... or try these unusual fillings:

  • chopped dates and pecan nuts
  • mashed banana and raspberries (fresh or thawed frozen)
  • cream cheese and roasted red peppes
  • salami and mustard
  • cold curried chicken
  • bacon and grapes (halved)
  • cream cheese and cucumber
  • roasted vegetables with cream chese and pesto
  • cheese and raspberry jam
  • beetroot, onion and tomato
  • leftover mince

If your children are primary school age or younger, they will love it if you cut the bread into four small sandwiches intstead of two larger ones.

More lunchbox ideas

  • a small ziplock bag of baby carrots or celery sticks
  • peanut butter stuffed celery sticks
  • dried fruit/nuts/trail mix
  • small container of potato, rice or pasta salad
  • cupcake/slice of cake on Fridays
  • freeze small boxes of Liquifruit or other juice overnight for an ice-lolly treat on a hot day
  • cheese and pickle or veggie kebabs with a dip
  • breakfast bars
  • pita bread with filing, instead of a sandwich
  • cereal snack mix ( mix 2 or 3 different kinds of dry cereal with raisins and baby marshmallows)
  • chicken nuggets with a dip
  • baby corn, tomatoes, mange tout
  • individually wrapped cheese wedges and crackers
  • fun-size chocolate treats

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