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Saving lives ... one peanut butter sandwich at a time

ACFS is the original peanut butter sandwich feeding scheme – using this humble meal to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of starving children over the years.

With your help.

If you can spare R185, we’ll use it to give an undernourished child a peanut butter sandwich and a cup of milk every day for the next three months!

Plus – we provide toy libraries where underprivileged kids can access educational toys to stimulate development … computer labs where older children can gain access to the internet … and skills development programmes for youth and adults – all geared to helping them escape the cycle of poverty and build a better life for themselves and their families.

Reaching out to children and their families in

  • Soweto
  • Alexandra
  • Kagiso
  • Thembisa
  • Tsakane


Nutrition and  Health

We enroll malnourished children into our feeding programmes  – and use this as an entry point to our programme pathways, which include health education and referrals to partner health institutions.

Early Learning and Stimulation

We provide good quality early childhood education and development programmes aimed at ensuring school readiness.

Care for the Care-giver

We support the child’s family in the home – ensuring food security, encouraging self sufficiency through skills development, and providing psycho-social support and access to services such as grants. The child’s wellbeing is closely monitored.

Skills and Personal Development

We work with youth and adolescents to build resilience, knowledge and life skills to support their entry into the world of work.



When Themba – a four year old from Soweto – first came to our malnutrition and early learning centre, she was like a closed book. No one could get through to her. She sat by herself and barely spoke. She wouldn’t even play with the other kids.

Two years on, she’s a completely different child!

Dimpho* lives in a small RDP house with her parents and seven other children under the age of 17. Her parents struggle to feed all the children and give them their own space.

That’s why Dimpho loves coming to the ACFS Centre after school. She knows that she’ll get a peanut butter sandwich and cup of milk for lunch … and a quiet place to do her homework.

orphaned child

Nkanyezi will never forget the day his mother passed away. He was only 16 – and suddenly found himself the head of the family, responsible for his younger sister Owami, and their little brother Siyanda, who is only seven years old.


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