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I don’t know if these kids will survive Covid

The peanut butter sandwiches and cups of milk sponsored by people like you are a lifeline to children in poor communities. (Archive photographs).

Sitting on my desk is a photo of five-year-old Sothini* and her little brother Cebisile*. These children are severely malnourished – and their 20-month-old brother is critically ill. We don’t know if he’ll survive Covid.

Yet it’s not Covid that’s killing him. It’s the poverty and unemployment that Covid has inflicted on his parents.

That’s why we’re hoping you’ll click here now to urgently send your food sponsorship of R165 (for one month) or more, so we can protect innocent children like these.

Without your vital support, the health of Sothini and Cebisile will go the same way as their baby brother. He’s too weak to even hold up his head. 

His mother was devastated when social workers removed him from their shack in Doornkop. But she knew it was his only chance to survive. 

Covid has robbed many parents in our communities of their ability to feed their children. And because schools are using a rotational system to limit crowding, many children aren’t going to school every day to get their meal from the school feeding scheme. 

We’re seeing hunger on a massive scale. It’s overwhelming. We hate to say, but children are dying, right before our eyes. 

Food sponsorships from friends like you – made online by clicking here – are often their only hope.

We’re especially worried about children younger than five, like Sothini and Cebisile. They’re the most vulnerable. They’re stuck at home with unemployed parents who struggle to feed them. 

As Covid continues, it’s only going to get worse. We’re looking at an entire generation of children who’ll miss out on basic nutrition and early learning in their formative years.

Once stunting has set in, there’s no way to reverse it.  Their academic performance will be put in great danger. We must do something and make sure we don’t put this generation into jeopardy.

Thanks to sponsors like you, Sothini and Cebisile are being monitored and receive peanut butter sandwiches and milk every day at the ACFS. The family is also supported with a monthly food parcel.

We’re sure you agree, they need these blessings every day.

So can we ask you to click here right now to send these children a lifeline, while they still have the strength to grasp it? They’re just children after all, reliant on the love and kindness of people like you and me.

Together we will Advance Children For Success.

Bertha Magoge,
Executive Director


Monitoring and Evaluation Impact Report

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ACFS Beneficiaries
ACFS Beneficiaries
Children Reached
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Children Trained
in Computer Skills
Adults Trained
in Computer Skills
Active Toy Libraries
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Children assisted
with homeworks and assignments
Children Enrolled
Women trained
in food garden
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in Bakery Skills development
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Skills Development for Sewing and Beadworks
Over 0
Food Parcels Distributed
through Covid-19 Pandemic, Social Unrest & KZN Floods
Teen Girls
Youth Trained
in Food Garden
Youth Trained
in Bakery


When Themba – a four year old from Soweto – first came to our malnutrition and early learning centre, she was like a closed book. No one could get through to her. She sat by herself and barely spoke. She wouldn’t even play with the other kids.

Two years on, she’s a completely different child!

Dimpho* lives in a small RDP house with her parents and seven other children under the age of 17. Her parents struggle to feed all the children and give them their own space.

That’s why Dimpho loves coming to the ACFS Centre after school. She knows that she’ll get a peanut butter sandwich and cup of milk for lunch … and a quiet place to do her homework.

orphaned child

Nkanyezi will never forget the day his mother passed away. He was only 16 – and suddenly found himself the head of the family, responsible for his younger sister Owami, and their little brother Siyanda, who is only seven years old.


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