ACFS bread making

New bakery programme takes off

ACFS bakery project

Thanks to commercial bakery equipment that was donated to us earlier in the year, our Bread Making Programme is up and running. It was an exciting moment when our new bakers turned out the first batch of fresh baked loaves. Nothing beats the smell – or the taste – of warm bread straight out of the oven!

We’re training our ACFS beneficiaries to make bread and other popular items, which they can sell locally to generate an income. Our aim is to increase production to the point where our own bakeries can supply the bread we need to provide peanut butter sandwiches for all the children enrolled in our feeding scheme.

Mandela Day volunteers

SA Chefs cook up a storm for our kids on Mandela Day

Mandela Day volunteers

Huge thanks as always to the generous volunteers from the South African Chefs Association. Every year – and 2019 was no exception – a team arrives at one of our centres on Mandela Day, with car loads of fresh ingredients, pots and pans.

Soon the air is filled with the mouthwatering aroma of stewing meat and vegetables, and our little ones queue up to receive their nourishing meal. The gogos working in the vegetable garden aren’t forgotten either. When they take their rest at midday, they also enjoy the delicious meal dished up by the chefs. Then, in the afternoon, the school kids start arriving with eager anticipation.

In between all the cooking, there’s time to play with the kids and even test your skill with a hula hoop!

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