Growing great girls

The Teenage Girls Programme has grown beautifully since it was piloted in 2019 with 50 girls. It’s become a major attraction among young girls and has received some great publicity.

The programme will now be expanding from two ACFS centres to all our centres, thanks to fantastic support from Coca-Cola and Doja-Cat.

This is an exciting development. We have over 6000 teenage girls in ACFS programmes. They face significant pressure and often need extra support to cope. That’s where this programme comes into its own.

“It helped me so much with my schoolwork. Now I can answer questions in my English class,” says Mpumelelo.

Another participant, Amohelang from Pimville, says: “I have better confidence. I always feel good. I’m ready to go out and get the world!”

We would love you to support our young ladies with items like:
Sanitary pads * Non-perishable grooming products * Perfumes * Hair scrunchies * Manicure kits and makeup sets * Weaves * Knitting and sewing kits * Magazines and journals * Art sets * Volley balls, board games and gym mats * Exercise leggings

Please contact us here to donate gifts in kind – or click here to send your urgent donation to our teenage girls.

Be a PB Hero

Our peanut butter sandwich and milk programme is still an irresistible drawcard for hungry children. Every day, this humble meal attracts 12 458 children to our centres.

Once children are at our centres, we can assess them and encourage them to take up other programmes to ensure their full development.

But it all starts with that sticky peanut sarmie! As you can imagine, we go through a huge amount of peanut butter, bread, milk powder, paper cups and plates every day.

So please be a PB hero! Click here to support our PB programme.

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