Have you seen our big reveal?

We’re excited to reveal a bold new logo for the ACFS: Advancing African Children for Success.

We love this logo! It captures our renewed purpose to build a more successful future for children from marginalised communities.

The ACFS dates back to 1945, when the late Bishop Trevor Huddleston started soup kitchens in Alexander and Soweto. To this day, nutrition remains a core focus area – delivered through beloved programmes like peanut butter sandwiches, food parcels and vegetable production.

Yet we must do more to prepare children for success. That’s why we’ve expanded into a variety of child-centred stimulation and educational support programmes, such as the Teenage Girls Programme, toy libraries and the Computer Skills Programme.

The computer programme is already equipping 220 children in Meadowlands and Pimville with skills for a modern era. We are grateful to Vodacom and Liquid Telecom for kitting out these computer labs, and to Education City for sponsoring the software.

When visionaries work together like this, we can build within children a desire to become their best selves; and propel them towards a more promising future.

And that’s the message our logo delivers! Please visit us on social media and tell us what you think.

Your hampers give happiness

A bleak Christmas loomed for thousands of ACFS families at the end of 2020. That all changed when our awesome donors raised their hands to support ‘Hampers of Hope’.

Thanks to donors, we distributed 2096 food hampers in November and December. These hampers made the difference between heartache and hunger . . . and happiness and hope.

Little Thuli Tshabalala*, who lives with her parents and four siblings in a shack in Tladi, does not know the comforts of water, sanitation or electricity. Her parents do not have jobs or social grants.

But her family had food on their table over the festive season. And that’s thanks to you!

Unfortunately, our job is not done. The Covid pandemic has forced families into even deeper unemployment and hardship. We’re dismayed by the starvation and desperation we see in our community every day.

We need you to please support Hampers of Hope throughout the year – because children need to eat every day (and not just at Christmas).

Please click here to send your urgent gift to prevent childhood starvation.

Fresh veggies begin at home

We don’t mind whether our green-fingered beneficiaries grow veggies in their own small gardens at home, or at ACFS community centres. All we want is to see them growing their own food!

The ACFS Food Garden project is one of our most important initiatives. It empowers beneficiaries to supplement their food parcels with fresh veggies and vitamins – and helps them raise healthier children. They can also potentially earn an income from veggie sales.

So to celebrate World Food Day 2020, we held a food gardening training day at our centre. Growers learned how to set up food gardens from scratch, and planted veggies like carrots, cabbages, onions, spinach and beetroot; as well as herbs like coriander, fennel and rosemary.

After a hearty lunch – which included freshly harvested veggies – the growers went home eager to put their lessons into practise.

Many food producers have already completed their ACFS training and are being rewarded with higher yields. They’ll be selling their goods at ACFS Fresh Produce Markets. Please support them on their market days, if possible – which take place once a week at the centres, and once a month at our head office. You can contact us on info@acfs.org.za for more information.

Please click here to support our food producers with urgently needed implements like spades, hosepipes and rakes. Thank you!

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