A song and a smile

One of the biggest challenges we face is with child- and granny-headed households. These families are poor, hungry, and desperate.

That’s why we say a special “thank you” to donors who sent gifts to gogos like 71-year-old Lucy Makati. Lucy is the main provider of her family of 15 grandchildren and eight adults.

It’s only thanks to ACFS donors that Lucy can meet her family’s nutritional needs. She’s an active member of the Pimville food garden and has been taught how to grow and preserve food. She’s used her green fingers to grow veggies at home too.

And every day, the children eat a nutritious lunch at the centre. This lays an important foundation for their health and capacity to learn.

ACFS has also helped Lucy obtain social grants for two children which gives them a small but valuable income. Thank you, once again, for reaching out to amazing grannies like Lucy.

Community food gardens

Supporters visit Centres

Vegetable garden

Pictured above: ACFS supporters visit the communal food gardens at our Zolo Community Centre.

On Thursday 27 February, we welcomed a group of eight of our generous supporters to the ACFS. The visitors enjoyed a full day’s tour of three of our Centres in Soweto.

Starting with Zola, the group had an opportunity to explore the new toy library and interact with the children. Afterwards, they toured the communal food gardens where they were impressed with the range and quality of the produce being grown.

Then it was off to Pimville and an opportunity to see our skills development programme in action. The visitors helped to prepare lunch for the children and settled down to enjoy some well earned refreshments of their own.

Our final stop for the afternoon was Meadowlands, where the new computer lab has just opened.

Encouraging our donor friends to come along and experience first hand what is being achieved with their help is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job. And the children love having visitors and being able to sing for them and show off their educational skills. Thanks so much to Wendy, Alison, Fran, Jane, Karen, Frank, John and Amanda for spending the day with us.

Please click here for more photos of the visit.

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