Make a difference

Monetary gifts are the most useful, as they can be quickly channeled to areas of greatest need. And because we buy items like bread and peanut butter in bulk, we are able to negotiate advantageous prices.

Gifts of children’s clothing, toys, fabric, sewing machines, gardening tools and seeds are always appreciated. Please contact us if you have items you think may be of use to us.

Treats are rare for most of the children we serve. If you’d like to give them a little happiness, you might like to sponsor a party by providing cake, chips, sweets and juice.

If you are interested in volunteering your time or skills, please click the button above to register at Community Hours. Volunteers with skills in sewing, gardening or baking – and those with teaching experience are particularly welcome!

One sentence in your Will can change the lives of hundreds of children in years to come – and it costs you nothing! Please consider including a bequest to ACFS when you write your Will.

Support our talented craftswomen and gardeners by buying hand made items on Market Days. Please click the button above for details.

MySchool Card

Join South Africa’s biggest fundraising programme – and support your favourite cause simply by swiping your MySchool card at Woolworths and other participating stores. Be sure to choose ACFS as your beneficiary!

Running a marathon or participating in a cycle race? Why not make your effort count for more by setting up a fundraising page and asking friends and business colleagues to sponsor you with a donation to ACFS?

Beyond one lifetime – your gift for the future

By naming ACFS in your Will, you can make a positive impact on the future of our nation’s children.

Once you have made provision for your own family and friends in your Will, there is an opportunity to also help the larger family of which we are all part – the children of South Africa.

A bequest in your Will can keep alive for generations your compassion and ideals of a world where no child has to go hungry – and all have equal opportunity to reach their full potential. And you’ll be remembered with gratitude for years to come.

You’ll also be following a time-honoured tradition of ‘giving something back’ in celebration of your own life and the privileges you have enjoyed.

Don’t have a Will?

Everyone over the age of 18 should have a Will drawn up – regardless of wealth or state of health. It’s just as important for a married woman to have a Will as it is for her husband.

If you die intestate (without a valid Will), your bank accounts may be frozen for months, your affairs will take a long time to settle and attract the maximum tax and lawyer’s fees.

Many financial institutions will draw up a Will on your behalf free of charge, provided they are named as executor of your estate.

Alternatively, consult an attorney, financial advisor or accountant to ensure your Will is legally worded and properly signed and witnessed.

Including a bequest to the ACFS in your Will can help reduce the amount of tax levied against your Estate.

For more information, please contact Bertha Magoge on 011 839 2630.

Are you ‘willing’ to help? Leaving a bequest to ACFS in your Will is the easiest way to ensure that your vision for the children of South Africa is kept alive for generations to come.

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