The first thing you notice about Anna is the huge smile on her face.

When you visit Anna Raphiri in Chicken Farm, the first thing you notice is not the small, dark shack that she shares with her five grandchildren.

Nor is it her fire-blackened cooking pots, the piles of recycling in the dusty yard, or her thin arms. The first thing you notice is the huge smile on Anna’s face.

Because even though Anna’s load has never been heavier, this 62-year-old gogo is always singing. She’s always smiling. Her grandchildren are happy too.

Because of someone like you!

Make no mistake, this family is suffering. Anna earns a few rands by picking items for recycling out of dustbins. It doesn’t go far when there is electricity to pay for, shelter and clothing for the children.

But thanks to people who support the ACFS, we’re able to provide the family with three lifelines:


  • A monthly food parcel containing oats, samp, beans, rice and mealie meal. Anna cooks these on an open fire outside her shack, and it provides many satisfying meals for the Raphiri children.
  • Access to the food garden at our ACFS centre in Pimville. Anna walks 3km to the centre every day – often in the baking sun – to work the garden so that she can take some spinach or peppers home for supper. But even if the harvest is poor, or if the food parcel has run out, Anna knows that her grandchildren won’t starve. Because the children receive a third lifeline
  • A nutritious peanut butter sandwich and a cup of milk every school day.

For a hungry child, this meal is heaven in a handful. And it’s made possible through your donations!

By helping gogos feed children, you’re giving children a chance to build a brighter future.


Without adequate nutrition, early development may be stunted – and no amount of intervention can turn back that clock.

So please will you offer a helping hand to another struggling South African family? Your gift will keep their smiles and their hope alive.

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