Fezie and his million-watt smile

Tears, tears and more tears … that’s all we could get out of three-year-old Fezie* when he joined our Zola Malnutrition Centre this year.

When he first came to our centre, little Fezie was underweight and he cried non-stop.

But after a while, he opened his eyes to his surroundings and began to notice the many wonderful things that donations from caring people like you provide. He noticed the wholesome meals that were placed in front of him during the day.

And he noticed the big red jungle gym in the playground!


Then, Fezie turned on his million-watt smile. And it’s been glued to his face ever since!

Almost 100 severely malnourished pre-school children like Fezie attend our malnutrition rehabilitation centres in Zola and Alexandra. With this many children using them every day, the jungle gyms are urgently in need of some TLC … like new roofs, steps and wooden gangways. And we need a complete new jungle gym for the Alexandra children.

So please will you consider a contribution now towards the cost of  playground equipment and maintenance?


A jungle gym isn’t just for fun. Climbing and hanging off monkey bars develops muscle tone and body strength, and improves hand-eye coordination. Playing on the jungle gym also stimulates imagination. It can be a castle, a train or a fort. And it opens a whole new world of friendship and activity.

The children at our centres come from the poorest families. Food is scarce at home. And toys even more so. Friends like you help provide balanced meals, giving kids the energy to scamper up jungle gyms and slide down with joyful abandon.

So please will you donate now to bring more jungle gym joy to our children?


Thank you for caring about children who often have to ‘make do’ with very little.

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