ACFS Early Learning Centre changes Themba’s life

When Themba – a four year old from Soweto – first came to our malnutrition and early learning centre, she was like a closed book. No one could get through to her. She sat by herself and barely spoke. She wouldn’t even play with the other kids.

Two years on, she’s a completely different child!


Full of fun and giggles, Themba now has lots of friends. She eats well and loves books and puzzles, and painting colourful pictures with bright blue skies and a big, round yellow sun.

Themba’s parents are unemployed and are so grateful for the regular meals and the busy days of learning that she gets at our ACFS early learning centre. Like most families here, they can’t afford to pay for a service like this. Their community is buckling under the weight of poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, poor health and a lack of early learning opportunities.

That’s why most of the little ones who come to our centres are weak and sickly when they arrive – especially those with HIV. But their health improves with two cooked meals and fresh fruit every day.

For children who seldom eat one good meal a day – let alone two – this is the stuff that dreams are made of.

And it’s a dream that comes true because people like you care enough to support our work. Please will you sponsor a child like Themba by making a donation online now?


With your help, we can keep all 92 pre-schoolers here happily ‘edutained’ with structured learning activities, indoor and outdoor games, books and toys – while nurses from the Lindani Sizwe Organisation monitor their health.

Our priority at ACFS is, first and foremost, to feed children. But children need more than just food to get them ready for Grade 1. They need stimulation to develop their natural curiosity about the world, and begin their lifelong love of learning

Could you give an underprivileged child this wonderful start in life … and help ensure that he or she starts Grade 1 on the same level as children from more privileged families?

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With your help we really can give these kids the chance to grow into giants. Your gift, made today, makes all the difference.

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